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Axicor professional services will extend your services ability, through adhoc, long term and on-demand certified services and skills.

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Curb your out of control Data Growth!

80% of data is unstructured, growing at 10 x structured data rates, yet only 5% of organisations are doing anything about it.

Axicor’s Intelligent Data Management solutions will proactively manage your ever expanding Unstructured Data environment.

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Gartner's Innovation Insight on Dark Data

Explosive, unstructured data growth is forcing IT leaders to rethink data management.  File analysis delivers insight into data information, enabling better management and governance to improve business value, reduce risk and lower management cost.


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Working closely with our Global Technology Alliances we distribute a unique mix of Data Management Technology and Professional Services to our local Partners.

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Axicor strives to deliver value to  clients and partners through the following integrated business units

Value Added Distribution

With industry leading technologies in Data Management and Data Protection Management, Axicor enables our channel partners to introduce true innovation to their customers, transforming their businesses and preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow.  

We call it Value Added Distribution, due to our ability to deliver complete solutions, not just products.  This stems from decades of system integration heritage. Coupled with a mature and responsive approach to delivery, we assist our partners to deliver solutions that overcome the challenges of their Client’s IT and business environments.

Professional Services

You have likely already worked with a member of our staff without realising it.  This is by design!

We deliver on behalf of our partners and clients effectively becoming one with their internal teams.  Whether it’s Project Management, Architecture, Consulting, Implementation services or Training, Axicor can extend the reach of your team through resource augmentation and fixed outcome professional services. Our success hinges on our service oriented approach and establishing trusting business relationships with our clients based on results.


Axcium Officially rebranded to Axicor Pty Ltd

 Dear Clients and Partners, As Axcium expands its nationwide services to include the addition of a Data Management and Protection Solution Distribution division, we are excited to announce that we have rebranded our name to Axicor Pty Ltd. During 2013 we were made aware of an international organisation with a phonetically similar name to Axcium.  As this organisation was also registered in Australia, we  decided to rebrand our business entity to avoid any future confusion or issues.  Our new brand remains true to our Axcium origins and reflects the future direction of our organisation, as a core enabler of technology infrastructure solutions. Over the past 4 years, Axcium has been known for providing exceptional Professional Services, Consulting and Solutions. We are confident that our clients and partners will find that our Distribution division will provide the same level of service and value. We remain committed to our traditional core values of business integrity, exceptional client service, “above and beyond” attitude and will continue to deliver these values with our latest offerings. There will be no impact or need to change existing contracts since our Australian Business Number and Australian Company Number  remain the same. Only the entity name has been changed. However, we will be contacting your procurement managers to ensure any necessary actions are addressed. We value your business and look forward to continuing to serve you in all areas of our offerings. If you have any questions regarding the rebranding of our company, please don’t hesitate to speak with your Axicor representative. Best Regards, Thomas Karakalos...


Axicor Go Karting Results

A great evening was had by all at the recent Axicor Go Karting event.   After qualifying first overall, Jason Cooper went on to secure 1st place, followed by Joe Bashta in 2nd Place and John Papamihail closely at 3rd Place. The next one is soon approaching, so start your...


7 Signs your business could use an IDM Strategy

What is an IDM strategy ? Easy. An IDM strategy is an Information Data Management strategy. IDM strategies can relate to the use of tiering storage, migrating old data, deleting inappropriate data and enforcing corporate policy. The Seven signs that indicate you may benefit from the use of an IDM strategy. IT admins complain about a lack of storage space You are struggling to enforce corporate policy for file share data You suspect there are thousands of old un-accessed documents and files If ex-employees have old File Share data taking up space There is an increasing duplicate file problem Your backup regularly uses or exceeds the full backup window Employees are saving company documents on USB storage The largest growth sector of storage in any organisation is the unstructured data storage area. This is typically the fileshare environment. Research from the University of California, Berkley has shown that unstructured data represents 70% of the data in an environment and that it grows at 10 times the rate of structured data*. Unstructured data is created by users by saving images, saving documents, backing up folders and devices, etc. There is nothing wrong with data growth it is a good sign of a busy organisation. An IDM strategy helps you to intelligently manage that data growth. Products like Rocket Arkivio AutoStor allow you to manage your unstructured data environment. You can enforce corporate policy (no mp3’s for example). You can enforce age based migration strategies (move all files last accessed more than 5 years ago to tier 2). Create Active Deduplication strategies (remove duplicates from the front end to save on...